Composer & Lyricist - Jolli Holli Interview Ø Scott - Hey Jolli, I hope all is well with you... Hi Scott, I'm doing well, I hope you too Ø Scott - Give all our loyal readers and peeps an update with whats been going on with you in your music world these dayz. The Lancashire Lads EP was released a few weeks ago, via Famous Records. I'm currently working on several tracks for the follow up album release. I'll be back in the studio over Christmas, Richard will be bowing, Steve will be blowing and Andy drumming, adding orchestration to the productions. Ø Scott - Please tell our readers what your high school years were like, what music did you and your friends listen to, and what the musical soundtrack (Favorite Album) would you recall to sum up your senior year in High school. I grew up with an 80's soundtrack, as disco faded electronic and rock acts came to the fore, Madness, The Jam, Genesis, Depeche Mode, Queen, David Bowie, The Human League, Teardrop explodes, Guns n Roses, U2, etc. Meanwhile, I was the Chief of Police in Offenbach's La Pericole, Ø Scott - First big question Why the Music ? Genetics, my dad was a trained tenor Opera singer at the Royal Northern College of Music, (you'll get to hear him later on the Tratoria track), my uncle also studied music at college, you'll hear him on the Ride track. Kate Bush is my sister. Ø Scott - Ok, Now for your music What is the name of the current Album you are promoting at the moment? How did the music come about? (if no album, you can talk about other current musical projects, etc) Lancashire Lads EP, featuring the tracks History (jilted romance, ), The Rain (irish expedition), Port Patrick (Scottish rapture) , and Today is the Day (The magic moment) Ø Scott - What projects / recordings are you working on at the moment? I have 50 tracks, which are coming to fruition, three double albums are in the works. I have a Christmas session lined up, for the violin, cello and trumpet, the icing on the cake. Ø Scott - What kind of musical instruments do you play ? I primarily play guitar and bass though when writing pieces I may tinkle with the keyboard for starters, now and again the Banjo comes out, but I put it back again before scaring the children. Ø Scott - What musical gear and endorsements do you have and why? My main guitars are a Gibson Les Paul, and a Taylor 114ce acoustic, Fender Banjo, a Washburn Bass, I use a Neuman TLM 103 mike, they've all served me well. I tinkle on a Yamaha PSR 1000 keyboard now and again, and the draft material is recorded on Logic before the studio orchestration. I also have a colourful little German xylophne that features on Today is the Day, Ø Scott - How many hours a week does it take to put this (your band, writing your music, family, a job maybe) all together for the listening and reading masses? All the hours of the week. Ø Scott - So Jolli, what are you listening to allot of these days? I'm listening a lot to the drafts of the tracks in production, and re-working, finessing, and fettling. Ø Scott - Do you have a Dream Car? Or Recreational Vehicle? Dream car would be the Tesla Model S Ø Scott - Name some folks you would love to get on the same album or share the stage with Inquiring minds want to know. Paul McCartney and Ringo Star would be good for starters, my mum use to watch the Beatles in her lunch hour in the Cavern club, so its only fair. Ø Scott - I also don't want to forget this Tell us about any other things you may be in involved in or any special interest besides music that is close to your heart ? I'm a keen cyclist, this year was particular special for Britain with the Tour de France and Olympics successes. So here in Milan English cyclists are in fashion, despite my hi-vis jacket, to keep the Italian drivers at bay. Ø Scott - Lastly, please give our readers one last parting shot across the bow What is Jolli Holli going to be doing in 5 years? Touring, playing, writing, recording, producing, cycling. Ø Scott - I would like to thank you for your time and candor with my loyal readers and keep on fighting the good fight to bring us some quality guitar oriented music.

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