Today and Tomorrow Release 

A new day dawns, brighter, better, bolder, with the release of "Today and Tomorrow"

Alternative pop rock dance fusion, timeless.
With thanks to "Golden Ears" Manju Bg, and Jaime "Pylons and Palm Trees", for surviving the desert.

Drum Roll- Light Brigade Release 

Light Brigade, Graham John's latest and greatest album is released, charging in dramatic and resplendent, featuring the eponymous Light Brigade, bringing a fresh perspective with Lord Tennyson's words, Loose Screws, More Radical and Commana, vivid stories of people time and places painted with a vibrant palette,  lyrics melodies and orchestration


Treasure trove of tracks 

Following on from the recent releases of the albums Deeper Depths and Now is the Time, comes "Heh Baby Dancing" fusing rock with dance rhythms for a heady mix of invigoration.

Deeper Depths Release 

Deeper Depths Release

Sun and Moon rare see each other their fates apart foretold by Brother, but deeper depths don't come and go they support their life through tidal flow.

Now is the Time 

Now is the time pulsing performance, hooked by the invigorating heady brew of rhythm melody and harmony, driven by guitar dressed with horns and strings

Sail in on the Evening Tide 

Sail in on the Evening Tide released

Sailing in, writhing rhythmically across a rolling seascape dancing between the rocks, resonating with the world

Good Days 

Good Days Release

Dramatic bitter sweet symphony of rock, pop, folk, funk & dance genres, guitar rhythm & riffs entwined with stirring strings, & towering trumpet, thrusting majestic melodies, harmonies, & lyrical tales. The Definitive driving journey, a modern masterpiece


Seasons release

Seasons Swirling through a orchestrated tumultuous year from Christmas Day's brassy celebration, through a rhythmic reflective 2000 Years on thru Birthdays bright brassy tones tempered with swells of violin and viola, Springs strings as bee stings, friends melancholic meanderings with cello and brass building symphonic, all lavished with lyrical melodic harmonies


Believe Release

I Believe, commences a stream of charming, captivating ballads, of classical grace and anthemic power, with full orchestral arrangements augmenting the guitar and bass roots. Produced with Alan Greyson of West Orange Studios, the home to Corner Shop, Badly Drawn Boy etc, the album has the Lancashire Lads, Alan Gregson backing Vocals, Richard Curren playing strings, Andy Flynn on drums, and Steve Borsley playing brass,

Remix Now 

Remix Now release

Genre redefining guitar, strings and brass with dance remix elements plus melodic vocal harmonies, captivating organic creation captivating with the best of the original tracks

Today Christmas Day (Remix)


Rising Sun Heralding the Day

Rising Sun Remix (Mikey Gallagher)