Album: Rising Sun Review

he easiest way to tell where a band is from is when they write their origin into their band name. In the case of Lancashire Lads, they reign from Lancashire, or more specifically from Leigh, a town in England. This…


Lancashire Lads Examiner Review

The British Invasion is not over, boys and girls. Get ready for the second wave! The Lancashire Lads are on the way.

According to their rather brief bio, this Brit band was “born in Leigh, not On Sea, but on…


Lancashire Lads Another EP Review

It is hard not to be transported to a bygone era when savoring the new EP from Lancashire Lads The Lads are: Jolli Holli on vocals, guitar, bass and keyboard, Andy on drums, Richard on strings, Steve on brass, Alan…


Lancashire Lads EP Review

Vocalist Jolli Holli represents the sonic factor that stands out most when first listening to Lancashire Lads. He has a passionate singing style that brings Roxy Music’s Bryan Ferry to mind, particularly because of his voice’s strong vibrato. This four-song…


Lancashire Lads EP General Release

Off to the races. 

The 4 tracks - History, The Rain, Port Patrick and Today is the Day, are now released on the Lancashire Lads EP.

Studio production continues a pace, with more sessions for strings, trumpet and drums, blowing…


Lancashire Lads EP Release

Lancashire Lads EP "History" will be Released end of November through Jeffrey Collins' Famous Records-
"History" Lovin' is History, but classics eternal. Inspiring bitter sweet reminiscence, trumpeted in a triumphant repost. Melodic orchestrated elevation, a rapture of ruptured romance, delivered…

Rising Sun Review by G. W. Hill

Artist: Commana

Album: Rising Sun


While some fans of both styles might be mortified when presented with the concept, there is a common thread between the Europop/new wave sounds of the 1980s and progressive rock. Surely Roxy Music was a…


Milain Mille Miglia

After a thousand mile drive, Milan's bustling suburbs are the setting for the completion of Commans's Rising Sun album producion.