Today and Tomorrow Release


A new day dawns, brighter, better, bolder, with the release of "Today and Tomorrow"

Alternative pop rock dance fusion, timeless.
With thanks to "Golden Ears" Manju Bg, and Jaime "Pylons and Palm Trees", for surviving the desert.

Drum Roll- Light Brigade Release


Light Brigade, Graham John's latest and greatest album is now released, charging into the valley dramatic and resplendent


Treasure trove of tracks


Following on from the recent releases of the albums Deeper Depths and Now is the Time, comes "Heh Baby Dancing" fusing rock with dance rhythms for a heady mix of invigoration.

Deeper Depths Release


Deeper Depths Release

Sun and Moon rare see each other their fates apart foretold by Brother, but deeper depths don't come and go they support their life through tidal flow.

Now is the Time


Now is the time pulsing performance, hooked by the invigorating heady brew of rhythm melody and harmony, driven by guitar dressed with horns and strings

Sail in on the Evening Tide


Sail in on the Evening Tide released

Sailing in, writhing rhythmically across a rolling seascape dancing between the rocks, resonating with the world

Good Days


Good Days Release

Dramatic bitter sweet symphony of rock, pop, folk, funk & dance genres, guitar rhythm & riffs entwined with stirring strings, & towering trumpet, thrusting majestic melodies, harmonies, & lyrical tales. The Definitive driving journey, a modern masterpiece



Seasons release

Seasons Swirling through a orchestrated tumultuous year from Christmas Day's brassy celebration, through a rhythmic reflective 2000 Years on thru Birthdays bright brassy tones tempered with swells of violin and viola, Springs strings as bee stings, friends melancholic meanderings with cello and brass building symphonic, all lavished with lyrical melodic harmonies



Believe Release

I Believe, commences a stream of charming, captivating ballads, of classical grace and anthemic power, with full orchestral arrangements augmenting the guitar and bass roots. Produced with Alan Greyson of West Orange Studios, the home to Corner Shop, Badly Drawn Boy etc, the album has the Lancashire Lads, Alan Gregson backing Vocals, Richard Curren playing strings, Andy Flynn on drums, and Steve Borsley playing brass,

Remix Now


Remix Now release

Genre redefining guitar, strings and brass with dance remix elements plus melodic vocal harmonies, captivating organic creation captivating with the best of the original tracks

Beyond the Horn


A new album, a glorious invigorating fanfare of trumpet and flugelhorn, breathe life into your day



Trumpet Fanfare Singles


A fanfare of trumpets, flugelhorns and brass take the tracks to new heights, orchestrating the melodies for a generation 

Rising Sun and Beyond the Woods


The videos keep on coming, the film festival continues a pace, with Rising Sun and Beyond the Woods imminent arrival, adding to True Love, Dawn, Here I Am, Now is the Time, 

The Woods Release Promotion - Radio Interview Schedule


Radio interviews Schedule for "The Woods" release, 


Phil Ray, Wythenshawe FM Mike George, Syndicated to Radio stations

Dennis Harby 103 The Eye FM Monday 24th Feb 6:45pm 

Phil Richards Radio Verulam FM Live Wednesday 26th Feb 9.45am,

247 Music Radio Paul Turner Sunday 2nd March 10:25pm,

Radio FM  Doug Parish  Friday 7th March 10:15pm

5 Star Review for True Love Album


Gram Holli and the Berries is a band from England that is currently making a name for themselves by creating a sound that is slightly different than most of the music industry. Consisting of Singer songwriter Gram Holli on guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals, Andy Flynn on drums, Richard - strings, Steve – brass, and Alan Gregson producer, backing vocals, the band incorporates strings and brass into their sound while still creating rock music that is accessible to the music-buying public. The resulting sound of the band has lightness to it while still containing a great deal of energy. The band has just released a new album called True Love.


True Love from Gram Holli and the Berries begins with the title track. “True Love” begins with a light guitar sound that quickly segues into a strong dance beat. The song alternates between a light Rock feel that is almost jazzy in nature and a more danceable feel throughout the entire length of the song. The addition of the trumpet on the track helps to add a nice amount of substance to the aforementioned jazzy feel.


The second track on the release, “Today, Christmas Day,” is the band’s song for the holiday season. The lyrics of the track describe the feel of the season as people experience the holiday. Gram Holli and the Berries’ style and sound works well it is filled with strings and bells and other sounds that are found in holiday music. When other bands have to add things to their music in order to make it fit into the holiday spirit, this band seems custom made for that sound. The track retains the festive feel of the season but still fits with the rest of the release that is not holiday related.


With the track “Here I Am,” the band creates a track that is features Gram Holli on the keyboard. The keyboard-based track has a very commercial feel to it. The addition of the guitar in the background of the track makes the song very strong. The track ends up being the first song on the release that could find its way onto the airwaves as a single. The song is one of the strongest tracks on True Love.


The song “Dawn” finds the band creating one of the prettiest tracks on the release. For the music on the song, Gram Holli and the Berries seem to create music that has a slight minimalist quality. The simple music of the song provides a lovely background to the lyrics about spending time together. The strings on the track also add a certain amount of beauty to the song. The song does, however, come to a rather strange end as the drums seem to continue while everything finishes until they just stop. Aside from the unusual nature of the drums on the track, “Dawn” does add beauty to the new release from Gram Holli and the Berries.


With the track of “Arthur Alone,” the track features lyrics of the legend of King Arthur. The song itself features a sound that feels as if it should have been created during the 1980s as part of the New Wave era of rock. The drumbeat on the song really does transport the listener back in time as it feels like it truly does belong in that New Wave era. “Arthur Alone” is another track on the album that is very strong.


Drinking” is a track that features a fun, light quality to it. While the song does have to do with consuming alcohol there is a subtly to the lyrics. In the same light-hearted fashion of the track “Tubthumping” from Chumbawamba, “Drinking” from Gram Holli and the Berries will be easily one of the tracks on this release that people will identify with.

The album True Love from Gram Holli and the Berries is a release that has a lot of different sides to it. The band proves itself to be very versatile as the members of the group go from one style of rock and roll to another with seemingly little effort. With the ever-changing style throughout the release the listener never has the chance to get bored.


Artist: Gram Holli and the Berries
True Love

Reviewer: Matheson Kamin
Rating: Five (five stars)



Top Videos


Here I Am and Dawn videos are released 

It's All Happening


Videos, Albums, Promotion...

4 videos have been produced by Video Ink for the Tracks "Now is The Time", "True Love", "Dawn" and "Here I Am".

The latter two, will be up on You Tube in the next few days. They feature the band, with tracks attractively interpreted with dance styles of all genres.

The Album "True Love" featuring a fantastic collection of tracks is being released now, together with a Promotional campaign, managed by Matchbox Recordings.



Rising Sun Album Review


Rising Sun is the latest full-length release from Lancashire Lads, and it fuses together genres which on paper, would not work together. There are elements of jazz and folk combined with new wave and organic pop, resulting in a hybrid of all of these, which is distinctive, ambitious and original.


Vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jolli Holli leads the show, and his vocal delivery is consistent throughout, lending itself naturally to every phrase regardless of the arrangement, tempo or genre. The words roll off his tongue so naturally and so effortlessly that any concerns about defining genre or style are rendered irrelevant. Who needs to pigeon hole artistry, anyway?


Holli is also responsible for guitar, bass and keyboards, all of which play a prominent role in the overall ambience of Rising Sun. By Holli’s side are a fine set of musicians; Andy on drums, Richard on Strings, and Steve on brass. Production comes courtesy of Alan Gregson who has mixed everything with precision, while also adding the occasional vocal harmony into the mix. The strings and brass add a further depth and quality to the songs, and give the lads the opportunity to build rich, textured arrangements (“History,” “Rising Sun”).


Rising Sun is a very warm album. Holli’s voice is soothing and he delivers his performances with an understated confidence. The combination of organic instrumentation and synthesized elements are very welcome, and are done with just the right amount of moderation. Even with the use of the occasional synth, Rising Sun never loses its organic roots, and is without doubt, a well-rounded collection, written with a clear vision and performed with true musicianship.


With Rising Sun, Lancashire Lads have crafted an album influenced by many, yet retains its originality and individuality. There are so many different genres and eras thrown into the mix that it is near impossible to confine it to any single genre, or sub genre for that matter. However, fans of Duran Duran, Roxy Music, Spandau Ballet and even David Bowie are sure to find plenty to enjoy here.

Artist: Lancashire Lads

Title: Rising Sun

Review by Ross Barber

Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)



Album: Rising Sun Review


he easiest way to tell where a band is from is when they write their origin into their band name. In the case of Lancashire Lads, they reign from Lancashire, or more specifically from Leigh, a town in England. This group of five guys went all out on their first full-length album, Rising Sun. They have already touched on both sides of the length spectrum; their first EP was a slim four songs, while a hefty 16 tracks line this album. The first thing you notice when listening to the band is front man Jolli Holli's vocals. However, the one thing that makes the album stand out the most also plays a hand in its downfall. Though it is unique, his voice has a lull of contentment to it that puts its enjoyment at a happy medium. The heavier vocals have a way of droning on in a monotone fashion instead of taking listeners on a rollercoaster of pitches. Holli has a similar voice and the band a similar style to that of The Church and vocalist Steve Kilbey. The Lads' sound is not necessarily modern, though it is not outdated either. Their British pop/rock weighs in like a band out of the 80's.

The band's uniqueness does not stop and Jolli's vocals. Richard, who makes up the strings section of the band, is referred to as providing the "bowing," while Steve, who provides backup in the form of brass instruments, is said to supply the "blowing." These two sections - brass and strings, bowing and blowing - whatever you choose to call them, make up an imperative part of the band's sound.

The group fittingly introduce themselves with "Here I Am" and leave us with the final track, "At the End." "Here I Am" is frontloaded with a steady banter between verses and chorus, though the second half of the track is made up of a total of four repetitions of the chorus, which becomes fairly uninteresting after the second repetition or so. As you move further into the album you begin to notice this style pop up more and more. "At the End" is the same way, though it does not lean as heavily on the chorus as previous tracks. This use of brass instruments is a major element of the track, lending a jazzy, energetic tone to the piece.

Three tracks from the album - "Today is the Day," "History," and "Port Patrick" - actually also made up three fourths of the band's initial EP. "Today is the Day" is a hopeful track about living life to the fullest, "History" is about the difficulties of love and relationships, and "Port Patrick" taps into some Irish heritage and history. The varying tempos of "History" make it one of the most memorable tracks.

Production is used to a minimum on Rising Sun. Holli's voice is not always perfect and sometimes takes a turn off tempo from the melody, but there is still something to be enjoyed about that. It gives the essence of a live recording without all the excess background noise and inaccuracies that can come from being at a concert. Though the group has a personality that is quirky and light-hearted, which can be seen through their bio, and throughout their website, their music takes on a more mature tone. Whether they are posing philosophical questions as in "At the End" or giving a history lesson on European government in "Revolution," they always make sure listeners are able to take something away from their lyrics.

Artist: Lancashire Lads
Album: Rising Sun
Review by Alec Cunningham
Rating: 3.5 stars (out of 5)

Lancashire Lads Examiner Review


The British Invasion is not over, boys and girls. Get ready for the second wave! The Lancashire Lads are on the way.

According to their rather brief bio, this Brit band was “born in Leigh, not On Sea, but on a navigation, absconded to Atherton, biked to Bolton, produced in Preston.” They’re fresh off a tour through Europe having played gigs in such places as Manchester, Milan and Munich “courtesy of a Stately intervention.” But just who are The Lancashire Lads?

Glad you asked! The Lancashire Lads are: Graham John "Jolli Holli" Hollingsworth (lead vocals, guitar, bass and keyboard), Corner Shop’s Andy Flynn (drums), Richard (“bowing” strings), Steve (“blowing” brass) and Alan Gregson of West Orange Studios (“perfecting” production and background vocals). Their new EP, the eponymous Lancashire Lads, is a fine four –aural example of the band’s current musical musings.

The lead-in is titled “History”. Ironically, the band’s bio is so brief that while their own history is hardly revealed, this song serves as an interesting introduction to the act’s tuneful talents. It’s another observation on love in a “melodic orchestrated elevation . . . (indeed) “delivered with swagger and panache” just as the boys say.



The second selection is “The Rain”. This is a rather rhythmic “romp in the rain” as the boys note. It’s an upbeat song that tunefully tells a tale of an admittedly “not so sunny Emerald expedition”. This particular piece is highlighted by a bit of Celtic soul and fiddle.

“Port Patrick" is an ambitiously and electronically alerts other to Port Patrick’s “historic adventure” in an exceptional cut steeped in the story of a once forgotten town. This, like all the other tracks here is an original work by Holli himself.

“Today is the Day” is perhaps the snazziest track here as what the band claims to be “a euphoric celebration” that’s both bold and brassy. This one, like the previous pieces, includes honest, accented vocals free of “Americanized” editing. It’s an effective closing cut that hopefully only foreshadows the folkish future of The Lancashire Lads.

My name is Phoenix and . . . that's the bottom line. 


Lancashire Lads Another EP Review


It is hard not to be transported to a bygone era when savoring the new EP from Lancashire Lads The Lads are: Jolli Holli on vocals, guitar, bass and keyboard, Andy on drums, Richard on strings, Steve on brass, Alan in West Orange Studios, perfecting Production, and occasional vocal harmonies, as credited in the band bio.


Most of these four tracks easily recall the British folk movement of the 70s where the likes of Pentangle, Fairport Convention, The Strawbs (and also the folkier elements of the prog rock bands like Yes, Jethro Tull and Genesis) made incandescent records that seem to have a minimal influence on the majority of rock music making outfits in 2013. Meaning that Lancashire Lads take the huge risk of being ignored altogether in the scheme of things. However, presumably for Lancashire Lads it’s more about being true to their musical dreams rather than fame and fortune. These serious-minded musicians should be applauded for sticking to their guns and producing music that will test of time, where melodies, arrangements and instrumentations bear close inspection and repeated listenings to yield significant rewards.


Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


History” opens with a gorgeous bright guitar figure with piano accompaniment, a graceful verse which unexpectedly explodes into a trumpet-led chorus with no small amount of introspection - “Lovin’ don’t come to water/Lovin’ don’t come for free/Lovin’ don’t conform to your modern life/Lovin' is history”. The interplay between the verse and chorus sustains the tension and release balance throughout the song. The soaring, sweeping orchestral touches bring romance to the table even as Holli’s swaggering vocals provides panache. A dynamic start!


The fiddle takes centre stage on the intro of “The Rain” as the rustic ambience threatens to pull the listener into a deep reverie of a gentler time. It’s pure country music, but Irish country rather than hillbilly as Holli sings & weaves a charming tale of a not so sunny Emerald expedition, swinging clubs and pedaling pubs. It’s earthy, it’s exotic, it’s Celtic fun in inclement weather translated into a neo-psych-folk ditty. Memorable!


PortPatrick” ups the tempo finally after two placid tracks with yet another Irish music reference but this time, it’s modern i.e. U2. And thus the introductory guitar riffs echoes the Edge’s trademark sound. This is never clearer than in the fretwork during the instrumental bridge, eschewing classic rock solos in favor for atmospheric feels instead. In other words, it’s all rather 80s post-punk as The Waterboys and The Comsat Angels are also referenced as Holli gives the requisite vocal performance to make the process complete. “PortPartrick” is a definite highlight of this impressive EP and it is an invigorating experience from start to finish.


Perhaps Lancashire Lads save the best for last with “Today is the Day” Dubbed a “euphoric celebration of life. Brassy, bold, happening”, the song is an exhortation to live in the moment - “Today is the Day/Now is the time/Everyone comes together/Everyone comes aligned” - a sentiment that needs to be embraced more and more with modern life becoming increasingly uncertain. Tastefully communicated despite the danger of a song filled with platitudes to come across as trite, thus, there is a sense of urgency whilst resisting the temptation to hector and preach, and so the plea becomes an honest one instead. Kudos!


There is little doubt that at four songs, this offering from Lancashire Lads is too brief. Whilst functioning as appropriate sampler of the band’s delights and talents, one can only hope that new recorded material is not too far away.


Artist: Lancashire Lads

Album Title: The Lancashire Lads EP

Review by Kevin Mathews

Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)


Lancashire Lads EP Review


Vocalist Jolli Holli represents the sonic factor that stands out most when first listening to Lancashire Lads. He has a passionate singing style that brings Roxy Music’s Bryan Ferry to mind, particularly because of his voice’s strong vibrato. This four-song EP offers up plenty of sonic variety, which means Lancashire Lads can be one of many different bands at any given moment.


“Today Is the Day” is this recorded work’s happiest, most upbeat track. It features a jangling guitar intro, and is accented by a blaring horn part. Lyrically, you could call this Lancashire Lad’s Carpe Diem moment, as it finds the group setting out to seize the day and make the best of it all. The band describes this song as, today is the day; now is the time. Indeed, there is no time like the present to make the best things in life happen. The group’s biography states it best by calling the song “a euphoric celebration of life. Brassy, bold, happening.” It’s the kind of song that makes you get up out of bed, take a quick, invigorating shower and bolt out the door to face whatever life has to offer.


You can hear a little U2 in the track “Port Patrick,” due to its stinging electric guitar line, which hearkens back to U2’s early days as an emerging new wave rock act. However, once the track gets past its intro, it transforms into much more of a swinging, jazzy song.


With “The Rain,” Lancashire Lads turn to something more traditional, more folk-y. It features a gentle rhythm, along with prominent fiddle – both in the intro and throughout. The song’s lyric celebrates the joys of love, romance and living.


Lancashire Lads also reveal a jazzy side on “History,” where Holli sings about the unpredictability of love. It switches between a light guitar-accented part on the verses, and then goes into a trumpet-highlighted chorus. At its swinging-ist, this song sounds a little like Style Council, back in the 80s.


The lasting impression left by this brief musical sampling is that of a group with the intelligence and creativity to create a wide variety of musical sounds. It has a bit of an exotic quality to it – which may be largely due to Holli’s singing style – that sets it apart from being just another pop band.


Also, there’s nothing at all urban about Lancashire Lad’s sound. It seems as though rap and hip hop have infiltrated almost every style of music out there. If not rap, than R&B. When Rihanna recorded with Coldplay recently, you may have asked yourself, ‘Has no act remained untouched?’ This is not, of course, to suggest that any of these infiltrating sounds are bad; it’s just to point out their omnipresence, instead. However, when you listen to these four songs, you’d likely wonder if the overwhelming dance culture ever even existed.


There is a poetic vibe to Holli’s lyrics that escalate these songs into something more than generalized pop songs. He has a wider scope than much of the music-making world that makes his songwriting so attractive.


As with all EPs, the verdict on it rests upon whether one would like to hear more from the band after listening to it, or less. Clearly, Lancashire Lads is a band one would dearly love to hear more from. Chances are good that a Lancashire Lads full-length would contain the same amount of sonic variety as is displayed on this four song EP. That’s something truly to look forward to.


This EP is recommended to anyone that may have grown tired of always hearing electronic dance elements and hip hop applied to nearly every song under the sun. Sometimes you just need something a little more natural and organic, and you’ll get that from Lancashire Lads.


Artist: Lancashire Lads

Album: Lancashire Lads EP

Review By: Dan MacIntosh

Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5) blog




Composer & Lyricist - Jolli Holli Interview Ø Scott - Hey Jolli, I hope all is well with you... Hi Scott, I'm doing well, I hope you too Ø Scott - Give all our loyal readers and peeps an update with whats been going on with you in your music world these dayz. The Lancashire Lads EP was released a few weeks ago, via Famous Records. I'm currently working on several tracks for the follow up album release. I'll be back in the studio over Christmas, Richard will be bowing, Steve will be blowing and Andy drumming, adding orchestration to the productions. Ø Scott - Please tell our readers what your high school years were like, what music did you and your friends listen to, and what the musical soundtrack (Favorite Album) would you recall to sum up your senior year in High school. I grew up with an 80's soundtrack, as disco faded electronic and rock acts came to the fore, Madness, The Jam, Genesis, Depeche Mode, Queen, David Bowie, The Human League, Teardrop explodes, Guns n Roses, U2, etc. Meanwhile, I was the Chief of Police in Offenbach's La Pericole, Ø Scott - First big question Why the Music ? Genetics, my dad was a trained tenor Opera singer at the Royal Northern College of Music, (you'll get to hear him later on the Tratoria track), my uncle also studied music at college, you'll hear him on the Ride track. Kate Bush is my sister. Ø Scott - Ok, Now for your music What is the name of the current Album you are promoting at the moment? How did the music come about? (if no album, you can talk about other current musical projects, etc) Lancashire Lads EP, featuring the tracks History (jilted romance, ), The Rain (irish expedition), Port Patrick (Scottish rapture) , and Today is the Day (The magic moment) Ø Scott - What projects / recordings are you working on at the moment? I have 50 tracks, which are coming to fruition, three double albums are in the works. I have a Christmas session lined up, for the violin, cello and trumpet, the icing on the cake. Ø Scott - What kind of musical instruments do you play ? I primarily play guitar and bass though when writing pieces I may tinkle with the keyboard for starters, now and again the Banjo comes out, but I put it back again before scaring the children. Ø Scott - What musical gear and endorsements do you have and why? My main guitars are a Gibson Les Paul, and a Taylor 114ce acoustic, Fender Banjo, a Washburn Bass, I use a Neuman TLM 103 mike, they've all served me well. I tinkle on a Yamaha PSR 1000 keyboard now and again, and the draft material is recorded on Logic before the studio orchestration. I also have a colourful little German xylophne that features on Today is the Day, Ø Scott - How many hours a week does it take to put this (your band, writing your music, family, a job maybe) all together for the listening and reading masses? All the hours of the week. Ø Scott - So Jolli, what are you listening to allot of these days? I'm listening a lot to the drafts of the tracks in production, and re-working, finessing, and fettling. Ø Scott - Do you have a Dream Car? Or Recreational Vehicle? Dream car would be the Tesla Model S Ø Scott - Name some folks you would love to get on the same album or share the stage with Inquiring minds want to know. Paul McCartney and Ringo Star would be good for starters, my mum use to watch the Beatles in her lunch hour in the Cavern club, so its only fair. Ø Scott - I also don't want to forget this Tell us about any other things you may be in involved in or any special interest besides music that is close to your heart ? I'm a keen cyclist, this year was particular special for Britain with the Tour de France and Olympics successes. So here in Milan English cyclists are in fashion, despite my hi-vis jacket, to keep the Italian drivers at bay. Ø Scott - Lastly, please give our readers one last parting shot across the bow What is Jolli Holli going to be doing in 5 years? Touring, playing, writing, recording, producing, cycling. Ø Scott - I would like to thank you for your time and candor with my loyal readers and keep on fighting the good fight to bring us some quality guitar oriented music.

Lancashire Lads EP General Release


Off to the races. 

The 4 tracks - History, The Rain, Port Patrick and Today is the Day, are now released on the Lancashire Lads EP.

Studio production continues a pace, with more sessions for strings, trumpet and drums, blowing and bowing coming up shortly. 


Lancashire Lads EP Release


Lancashire Lads EP "History" will be Released end of November through Jeffrey Collins' Famous Records-
Lovin' is History, but classics eternal. Inspiring bitter sweet reminiscence, trumpeted in a triumphant repost. Melodic orchestrated elevation, a rapture of ruptured romance, delivered with swagger and panache. 

The Rain
A romp in the rain, an energetic, Celtic soul new wave pop rock revival, charming tale of a not so sunny Emerald expedition, swinging clubs and pedalling pubs. Lancashire Lads on the fiddle.

Waves blew up the wall fell down and took the fortune of the town. 
Breathing life into PortPatrick's historic adventure.

Today is the Day
Today is the Day, now is the time. A euphoric celebration of life. Brassy, bold, happening. 

Milain Mille Miglia

After a thousand mile drive, Milan's bustling suburbs are the setting for the completion of Commans's Rising Sun album producion.

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